About Us

ray-guy-rick-sang-jan-stenerudCommitted to providing athletes the best learning opportunities available, Rick Sang of American Football Specialists, along with the staff of the Ray Guy Kicking Academy has established the most comprehensive kicking, punting and long snapping program of its kind. They combine proven techniques with innovative learning concepts to help you get immediate results. Their unique “step-by-step” teaching method enables you to learn quickly and remember the sound training and biomechanical principles that will most effectively guide you throughout your career. Through their “positive” teaching approach you will improve your mental discipline as well as your physical skills. Learn visualization and goal-setting methods designed to build confidence and self-esteem not only in athletics, but also in everyday life.

The Academy has assembled some of the most sought-after teaching professionals in football. Each are highly skilled in communicating the sound techniques and fundamentals necessary for you to reach your maximum potential. Rick Sang, Director of American Football Specialists, is a veteran with over 25 years experience establishing kicking and long snapping instructional programs at colleges and universities across the country. A former college coach, his credentials include playing for and coaching on a NCAA Division 1AA National Championship team and serving as Kicking Coach for Arizona State’s 1986-87 PAC-10, Rose Bowl and Freedom Bowl Championship teams.